Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm drunk with emotions

Been so so so so so busy lately. *grunts*
Most working nights are late...
not that I'm complaining... i'm enjoying work and challenges soon to face....
just hope everything will run smoothly...

The last time I stepped into a mall was... oh.. I can't remember. *grins*
Darnit. Been centuries since I last shopped.
Yah yah.. the term "centuries" was kinda exaggerating but it sure feels like it.
Hahhaha *winks*
Nevertheless, I couldn't stop myself from ONLINE shopping. No kidding!!

I bought several dresses, heels & accessories from some online boutiques lately.
And they fit like a fiddle. Total trustable.
(psst... Duh..Obviously read their testimonials first la..)

Where girls can shop anywhere, anytime by just doing some clicking with our...
our... err.. perfect manicured fingers. How convenient. Hahahaha agree???

Beverley and her friend, Caronne have this jeweleries online blog.
Drunk with Emotions
Portraying and selling off truly unique gorgeous pieces.
I think their workmanship is great. Look at the details babes...
Pretty color combination, matching textures and good quality materials used.
You won't see yourself "coming and going".... get what i mean??
*shakes head* Sigh. you horrr.....
Means you won't see everyone wearing the same jeweleries as you everywhere laa..

Damn nice right??
Look at this pearly bracelet above. Love the color.
PURPLE is SO my colour. Matched perfectly with her pastel pink.
So feel it around my wrist now.. Hahahaha...

For guys that hate shopping... This is your good chance.
This is a great site where you can get wonderful gifts for you girlfriends...
sisters, mothers, wives and anyone who loves pieces as such. *click*

The best is... Drunk With Emotions is having Christmas Sale!!!
up to 30%
Grab it all peeps!!! *click*

A Special Christmas sale of up to 30% discount for any of the items chosen.
Come grab something a necklace, earrings, or bracelet for that special someone.
Packaging is included so you lazy guys don't have to worry about present-wrapping.

Simply drop them an email at:

Postage and delivery fee to the minimal.
Their gorgeous pieces can be also found for purchase at:

Bling Boutique,

74A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

What else yah?? hmmm.... KINDLY just drop them an email and inquire.
You won't regret. Trust me.

They're great girls, great personality, great design-pieces.



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