Friday, March 06, 2009

How nice of you, Johnny..

Dinner at Johnny's with Winnie last week.
We ordered 1 person portion of tomyam steamboat..
and this Omelette Prawn & Chicken w/ Plain Rice.
Looks appetizing and duh.. cheap right?? (pix below)
Though they were only RM6.90.. they won't be thaaaat different right?

I'm just okay okay with Johnny's. Not quite of a big fan of them.
Oh well but only them.. that serve tomyam in Jusco BBK.
Winnie is a huge big-ass FAN of TomYam stuff... so..
Anyway.. we were sorta enjoying our meal, talking n chatting over our tomyam soups.

Oh yea.. we were talking too much that.. ermm.. what did I order??

Oops.. This?? You sure... What's this?

Yeah.. my omelette rice..
Nice garnishing ONLY on the rice.. wow..
At least la.. do something with the wrapped-up..
Looks like some.. ermm.. napkin or wet tissue fold-up..

WOW.. So so so.. *speechless*
We were BOTH speechless.. like..
Alright.. it's omelette alright.. Eat lor.

Tastewise.. very very very below normal.
Silly of us to order right?

Never mind.
Moral of the story... like REAL moral..
Pix can tell a thousand words..
Kindly "filter" the words k..
Might be good.. might be bad..

Try your luck then. *thumbs up*


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