Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas

It's Christmas Day.
Wow!!! My third year blog "anniversary" day lehhh.

Quiet lonely Christmas.
Didn't hav the mood to go out lepak today..
Wanna skip the crowd and jams.. if there are..
Locked myself at home, watching dvds, surfin', mainly just lazing around..
Hmmm... Some Christmas huh???

Anyway, where's Santa bringing me my Prince Charming this year?
Huh? No Prince Charming this year again?
Woooo... guess no perfect candidate again.. *i'm not naughty ok*
No worries.. I'll still sing you my best Christmas-just-the-chorus-part carol...

Jingle Bells, batman smells,
robin flew away..
wonderwoman had no bra to wear on christmas day... Yay!!

Err.. used to sing that stanza always back in high school. Hehhee....
Enough of my rubbish... Happy Holidays, everyone!!~

ps: won't be blogging for 2 days.. getting out of town. Nowhere special. Penang again for the treatment. *frowns*

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