Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I fell in another love

Some plans were suddenly kena buang one side today. So since I've informed that I'm not working today.. so what the heck.. go lepaking around lor.. hehehe =P

Went 1U with Paul and ManYee, shopping, makaning, laughing and watched "The Possessed".
(click here for more on the movie, here on Steve and here on Yun)

*sizzling hot + cute + tall + man + everything you ever want your bf to be*
atttitude wise.. i duno lar obviously.. it's not like i know him in person..

I have been longing to watch this movie NOT because of Amber Chia but more because of Alan Yun (pic above) and Steve Yap. Hot guys lar!!~ Don't get me started bout them.. I'll never stop. Getting all giddy and flirtyy dy...

Anyway.. not knowing why.. the movie was just ok. Probably I expect too much.. Kinda don't like the cantonese talking 'cos it's just ain't them.. kinda fake in a way, cos guess they're speaking mandarin while acting...

Not too much of a scary movie though. Several shocking scenes but more "comedy" scenes.. hahhaha... Almost everyone was laughing most of the time of the movie.. 'cos Amber's expression was really kinda weird to see.. I so much prefer her cool supermodel look.

And worst.. they cut the Steve and Harisu's kissing scene in the pool.. *sigh* Malaysians.

I REALLY hate shopping sometimes. I just CANNOT find anything to buy today.
Went to Forever 21. Nice clothes. TO SEE only.. the fabric.. SUCKS!!! and not worth the hundred bucks..
Went GAP. Nothing to buy.
Went MNG. Even more 'nothing'... human pun takda..
Went Ms Selfridge. The dress I wanted to buy today.. habis my colour.. left lemon yellow.. *yucks*
Went Topshop. Nothing lor.. the biasa stuff
Went Padini Concept Store. No nice heels.. no nice clothes..

Am I picky or what?? But really got nothing that excite me to buy lehh...

Went ZARA. Found the perfect dress I WANT!!! I TRIED!! I LIKE!!!

(there's always a BUT when good things are about to happen)

It's 500bucks lehhh!!

No money lehhhhhh~~~.. MMm kam buy.. Sibeh eXY!!
Lagi-lagi.. i'm not working now.. no income.. just part-time only. Sibeh sien.

So.. i "ki hiao" snap a few pics lor..

Before heading home, we makan chocolate fondue...
We ate our lunch at Dragon-I.. and the food SUCKS!!!! The famous 'siew lung pau' was ok only.. not as juicy and thick skinned..
I kept blurping while shopping, and it smelled like it. hahahahha *digusted myself too*

Settled down at KoKo Bistro. The fondue was not that expensive. Large set for 20 bucks only. Earlier Paul said wanna diet.. ahhahah mana tau.. Saw the fondue.. diet pun dah lupa.

Paul kept repeating.. "I'm melting... I can see paradise.. Very nice ooooooooo..."

But it was really good.. adding in our SIN, we ordered one piece of super super sibeh chocolate Chocolate Tort cake. Very chocolate lehh... TOO chocolate indeed.

Apa pun takda beli except makan and movie..
and parking and toll and petrol and phone credits...

Dec 2, 2006 - wedding bells ringing
Mom's friend's daughter got married.
Girls' Side Dinner
Venue - Restaurant V Garden, Klang

I think around 50++ tables lor.
Met old friend. Cheng Seng.
Met high-school juniors. Twins-i can't-remember-their-names.
Met KTV-number-1 fans

Din snap much. Cos ears got polluted with aunty uncle singing and cha-cha-cha on stage and the "yammmm sennggggg" speeches...

New addition to my "family"

Bought a new pair of shoes. Lupa when dy. Just buy only la after I got my freelance money. Lazy and kepala pening to go choose one by one. Just grab it cos I need it for emergency use that time.. AHHAhahahah.. stupid excuses to buy stuff.

*Random snaps*

Rainy day and I got "wu liao".
I folded the paper boats ok!! cos my brother wanna play. Hehehe..

My Kuantan Trip *previously*

Start the day with 'yau char kwai' and a bowl of soya bean. So-called Taiwanese breakfast. My first time though.

Cut things short, dad decided to check out this famous indian temple at Marang, Kuantan. Never been there before, we took like an hour plus to find it.. Biasa-lar.. famous things sure hide in some rural corner...

Unexpectedly.. I was kinda grateful that we went to the temple. They were constructing a bigger temple compared to the existing one. Super huge for a temple la.. The architecture was.."CUN"!!! I mean.. I'm super interested in cultural stuff... so i was giddy giddy walking around the construction site.

The building was still.. halfway through it.. when it comes to detailings and fantastica carvings.. indians craftsmen will be coming down to Malaysia from India. Wwwoooo!~~~ hehehehe..

With a glance, the temple seemed like just any other building.. but if you really study it.. you'll really find out a lot more of the story behind it..

The temple do rare peacocks. Quite a couple of them. In front of this temple.. there was this wide piece of green land.. Banyak sheeps la.. Not sure if they belong to the temple or the villagers there.. They offered us sips of goat's milk. Fresh... Super fresh..

After the indian prayers, they gave us some blessing offerings to take home. Bananas, coconuts, flowers, the sticky paste indians put on their forehead and some ashes.. Each of us had one.

Back in hotel.. cari my dad's friend (this is actually a tag-along-dad-business-trip).. then we went makan seafoodddddd.... I just love prawns... but most of all.. the slipper prawns.. or.. "lai liu har" (in cantonese) or.. duno what else you guys call it. Back in town.. these prawns are normally naked.. but here.. you can enjoy kopek the shell and it was "finger licking GOOD"!!!

The kids. Sigh. Bising wanna go beach. So we went lor. But sibeh wrong timing cos it started to rain soon. But I really like standing there, breeze through your face, hair.. listening to the waves.. looking at couples holding hands walking by the beach REALLY activating a freaking green monster sitting on my shoulder. Argh!

Hope one day.. someone will hold me hand and walk me by the beach.

Please. Not Port Klang, Morib or any part of Malacca Straits ok. Hor sim lar!!

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