Sunday, December 10, 2006

daddy's daughter

One question that consists several subs..

I'm 22.
Big girl dy?
I doubt that.. not big enough to hold important responsibilities...
Still small?
Not that small or naive either..

So what makes me??
I really wanna know sometimes.. cos i'm so SO TIRED of "the queen" picking on me everytime..
It's seriously driving me CRAZY!!

I really want a life of my own, but yet I don't think I am responsible enough on other matters aka bills.. adults.. complications and more complications in the REAL world... (unlike my own problems.. i can settle it.. cos they are MY problems.. minor cases)

For example(s)..
My car brokedown once. I called my dad.
My tyre went flat. I called my dad.
I dono how to bank in cash. I called my dad.
I kena accident. I called my dad.
I kena screwed by "the queen". I called my dad to complain.
I this.. I that.. I still call my dad.
*sounds baby, huh? sighhh*

Why my dad? Other than all the fine qualities that he had and his justice, his patience, his understanding and helpfulness that seriously genuinely touched me.. is because I don't have a boyfriend.

Now friends and relatives ALWAYS ask me.. Why not go get one boyfriend?
Even my mom rush me to get a boyfriend...

I SUPER HATE the things she said when she saw red.. which is..
"girls your age.. lucky be a mother liao.. you!??! still need me to cover ur expenses!!!"
You call that lucky? Lucky to be a mother at my age?? It hurts.. it bang me twice as hard!! I rather be young and enjoy my youth while I still can. There's no tomorrow that will be like one's yesterday.

Come on.. Boyfriends are everywhere. Good guys are hiding.. or womanizer... or liars.. or attached.. or mommy's boy.. or no-ambitions-in-life-guys.. or they are just plain GAYS.. Not easy to just pop in and get a guy that you can trust. Having a boyfriend is something meaningful BUT they're not EVERYTHING. At least not to me now.. *probably saying this 'cos I have none now*

I am just SO done with fooling around.. and if I wanna get one.. I really want a committed relationship. Issit wrong to think this way?

Speaking of commitments... I myself.. not ready yet.
A lot of things going in my life now despite I'm single.

I might..
Till I find the perfect pair of glass slippers..

Err.. then again..
Not so soon..

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