Sunday, December 24, 2006

tuna macaroni for christmas eve

Wooo.. it's Christmas Eve.
And I'm going nowhere. Darn. Just "lurveddd" being a French Maid at home.
It's like 11.32pm now. I'm supposed to be at Huay-Pin's house to lepak and countdown with the gang. But who knows. Darn again. I din't know everyone including mom and her friends wanna countdown Christmas too.. Ugh.

Anyway, this morning was... hellishhh.. Woke up early to go pasar pagi with my family. PASAR PAGI in the PAGI PAGI PAGI on a SUNDAY PAGI!??!?! Haiz... I was kinda drowsy in a way 'cos after the pills I took last night for my allergy were really really really making me go 'wing-wing'..

Seriously if not for my allergy.. I would really really really go out partay now.. Seriously.. skip all the hectic "events" at home... i need MY life!!! AHHHHhhhh... *hehehhehe siao liao*

At least I've got the whole afternoon to rest.. bought JohnTucker Must Die dvd.. well.. not as great as I've expected it to be.. but ok lar.. mai hiam beh pai lar.. hiam jiu kanasai la.. then i went "wash wash" my puppiess.. so cuteeee~~~ Then one of them.. the female.. Nana.. felt asleep on my chest while I was drying her.. kawayiiii nehhh~~ *so sound like ah lian la today hor me*

YES!! I cooked dinner today again. Triple decker chicken ham sandwich (forgotten to snap pic 'cos busy eating) and tuna macaroni salad for my family and their friends. No one.. and i mean NO ONE went running in and out the bathroom okkk.. I'm clean and GOOD. ahhahaa.. ok lar. I bit nuts and frus that I can't go out tonight.

Gonna continue to update my deviantart now.
Will post the add up soon when I cantik-kan the page.

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