Saturday, December 23, 2006

am i the new chef ? hell no.

Parents got dinner tonight. So i gotta cook for the 2 donkeys.. i mean.. siblings.. Yala.. I COOK LAR. Cannot meh? Actually can ta-pao.. but my mom lar.. ask me cook 'cos she wanna eat also.. mana tau.. she woke up late.. then she just cabut out with my dad to go pick her friends.. and dare she always lectured me on my time-management. HmmpH!! look who's talking this time!!! *blehhh* hahahha *snaps snaps for me this time*

3 people eat. No need cook a feast la. *I can cook okayyy*

Sure can eat laaaa ok.. We finished it all ok. Hmph. Look me small. Where can.
Sibeh full..'cos drank the soup too much. Hehe. So today I cook.. I no need wash the dishes lor.. Wahahhahaah

Ok. Enough said of my cooking today. That day I did mentioned bout collecting my call-card and how I guesssed it gonna be HORRIBLE. True.. it was HORRIBLE.. or HORRIBLY HORRIBLE than what I've expected. Hodoh-nya. I was so shaken that I called Johnny to screw him 'cos he intro one.. Tell me "PAO SUI ONE... I ALSO PRINT THERE.. not nice I refund". *ya.. he so kiamsiap will refund?? FOOT* Lucky and clever of him letting me screw him that time. Darnit man.. Waste my money and time. The lady-boss told me cannot this.. cannot that.. need to print in huge bulk only can.. say confirm nice one.. came out.. LIKE SHIT. LIKE SHITTT!!!

Haiz. Came out with a slightly different look but hmm.. nothing much changed just the size of the fonts and positioning.. colour too i think.

Well.. on the printing side.. i'm dealing with this guy online though. Some printing company but they only deal online. So hopefully it will come out good and it's cheaper than any bloody printing shop you can ask outside that provides Spot UV and Matt lamination. Much cheaper and good. Cos I did asked for some samples.. and they did sent to me by mail la.. GOOD.

Now I think GOOD la.. Will keep you guys update if the results come out good as well.
>_< *fingers crossed*

Gotta go put on medicine d on my rashes and boils. Still haven recovered yet. Till tomorrow then.

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