Saturday, December 16, 2006

which more fun? dinner? or clubbing?

*phew* went shopping yesterday with cass.. the whole day.. hehehe
went 1U.. all I bought was just a denim jacket. haiz..

got dinner tonight. Kelvin, my lecturer. One of the Kelvin's I know. Hhehe..
Kelvin, my lecturer and Lee Chu, my limkokwing classmate. At Tai Thong, KL.
then might hit the clubs with ChoonWee and gang.
Which club? Dunoo yet.. ChoonWee to decide.
then crashing over at Yvonne's house. *muahaha*

Aiks. Going out now.. rushing.. collect name card and got manicure session with LayFong.
Will blog more later.. or will update tomorrow.

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