Friday, December 29, 2006

last working day of 2006

Last day of working day of 2006.
A sigh of relief or a new sign of misery??

Gonna start class next Wednesday. Not excited. Not looking forward to.
Blame it all on the long long long holidays. So dreadful to pull myself up together again to create the "ohhh study is so interesting" mood. ONE more year to go leh.. ONE bloody whole year to get my degree. I'll be OLD by then. Hopefully my mood will change once I'm back to school.

Driving all the way there to Cheras. Three words. Far. Hectic. Jam. I rather drive all the way there AND turn in to MidValley *ears perked up* and settle for a movie or starbucks frapp.

How leh? Oh ya. That is next week's problem. The minor tweeny prob now is that.. WHAT TO DO FOR COUNTDOWN??? Part of me wanna go woo wahhhh have fun screaming and knocking drunkers off their feet. Another part of me.. just wanna stay home, curled up in pillows, watching a good dvd or just hang out at nearby cafes for some drinks. Avoiding jams.. blocks.. and.. spending unnecessarily extra money. Hmmm... Yvonne asked for plans. Cass too.. Victor & Eric also. Nobody can make up their minds.. Guess they're all gonna be last minute plans again. As usual.

Someone asked me bout new year resolutions. Ya rite. I have none. 'cos i always end up not doing it concluding i'm gaining nothing from it.. So just live life as how life leads me.

Okays. I finally sit here and upload my Penang pics. Not much difference from my last Penang trip. *click here* Same old things. Treatment. Shopping. Temple-visiting. Eating. Sleeping. No beach this time but went to the new LARGEST mall in Penang though. Queensbay Jusco Mall. Not bad. Impressive. To me at least.

After Queensbay.. we went for lunch at this restaurant. My dad used to come here a lot when he was working outstation at Penang but the food kinda getting pricey but still cheaper than KL la obviously. Well, came here quite frequent whenever we came to the island.

Hotel Malaysia. Hmm.. not really my favourite but still ok lar. Mai hiam lar.. Affordable and nice. BUT i hated their mattress.. SO HARD. 2 days 1 night stay. Can lar.. I can tahan one.. but that night.. i just cannot sleep. Back-aching. Irritated. Bad news didnot just end here.. the next morning.. their breakfast SUCKS. Seriously. SuCK big TimE!!!

My sister was korek-ing the drawer for fun and found this piece of I-called-it-shit paper. Souvenir list?? A remote control? Table lamp? Bedsheets? WORST.. BIDET & hose?? EEiiuuu.. NUTS. Who would want them for souvenirs?? And they were all costly. Crazy. Who. so. stupid.

Went Gurney Drive that night. Lotsa people. Tourist. Mat Salleh. Kids. Food. A lot of stalls but all selling agak-agak same food, drinks, desserts and toys. Food was ok but not worth the price. But I was really giddy that night because I bought some really cheap pirated cd and dvds lar... and good quality. =P Won't go there for food anymore.. just dvds. Hehe and check out some hot Penang guys. *winks*

again. I haven't been here since I was a kid. The two burmese temples situated opposite each other. Not bad seriously after the restoration and getting new tourist-attraction things-which-i-duno-what-you-called-them. For photography sessions and extra religious knowledge.

Old chinese temple. Not any ordinary one. It's by the seaside. A rocky seaside. Took some pictures of the surrounding. Love it. The breeze. The quiet. The rocks. The abandoned lighthouse.

The ma-fan-ness of having kids in the car is that.. they wanna cross-over by ferry. *rolled eyes* Everytime we go penang.. must cross-over by ferry. Enter by bridge... Return by ferry. Not that I hated it but.. *speechless*

Back home. I missed my puppies.

Hmm.. that's all about it. Same ol' shits things. So fast another year just passed by. Hoping for a better start for a better year (i hope) ahead. This year.. nothing really good did happen. *shrugs*

I want miracles.
I need miracles.

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