Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chocolate with ChoonWee

Just got back from ChoonWee's place.
Chocolate fondue again. But this time.. it was cheaper and more variety.. more relaxed and most importantly.. it was home-made. He got that fountain thingy. Hehe.. and tons of fruits.. from pineapples to apples.. to dragon fruits.. kiwi.. jambu.. the best = strawberries. Lagi got crackers.. wafer and.. some plum wine and.. err.. what else.. chocolate milk. Duno how the hell they gonna finish it all.

No idea how to use the fountain thingy.. and not knowing how much chocolates and stuff to add it.. we cincai just explore it lar.. err.. we melted.. 1 bar of milk chocolate.. 2 bars of dark.. and another 2 bars of white.. some chocolates he bought back from Australia though.

I din snap any pics 'cos no camera with me. Waiting for ChoonWee to send over some. =P
Haiz. Adding more unnecessary calories into my diet. Damn.
Oh ya. i damn sleepy.

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