Saturday, December 09, 2006

call-card draft

Finally came out with the complete-look for my call-card draft...
was bouncing between red and black background...
but might as well go with red... *striking*
the letters (the brighter red) on the left side will be in glossy finish..

was thinking.. hmm.. black background.. but what colour for the wordings..?
Vincent said the design is good enough.. and if i were to choose black background.. he was suggesting silver.. but I feel it's kinda corporate or like.. err.. too.. hmm *wordless*

I admit.. black might look.. u know.. cool.. err.. classy.. but i wanna something catchy.. Furthermore, this is for my freelance niaa.. so I wanna those.. kinda those informal formal kinda approach.. ya get what i mean?? actually.. i don't myself... hahahaha

*click to enlarge*

The red card is front.. the below is the back..
Was thinking also.. again.. do i really need a back page??
What if the whole damn card is red.. the back-page just leave it empty red?

hmm... whaddaya think??
I cracked my head d..


Going jogging now.. sudah 4.33pm liao.. will be back tonight.. (i hope)
Got something interesting to blog.. but haven't edit the pics yet.


oh ya... i got some free tickets to the TGV Beach Blast thingy tomorrow..
Anybody wants?? I've got around 6-7...
Come lar.. get from me lar.. if not wasted sial..
More bout this thingy.. check out at their website @

ps: I watched Gubra again. Alan Yun is sighhhh... ya know what I wanna say...

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