Friday, September 05, 2008


Yup. It's my birthday today.
Thanks to you guys who call-ed me locally and internationally,
sms-ed me, facebook-ed me, friendster-ed me, msn-ed me...
email-ed me with all your generous wishes and blessings.
I'm sooooo touched. *sobs*

Well, I did forced a few people to wish me though.. hahaha..
Thick face big time. And they did la obviously..
What are friends for anyway? Hehehe...

I'm sitting here, struggling on my design works..
Listening to sappy love songs.... *soothinggg*
Got "screwed" from my lecturer like 8 hours ago...
over something that I don't think i'm guilty of.... *rolled eyes*
I have a feeling that this year's birthday ain't feeling that birthday..

Alright. Back to work.
THOSE OF YOU!!! *points points points*
better before the clock strikes the second 12.

Deep in me, I don't quite enjoy this year's bday.
Really don't feel like birthday. Hellish problems coming.

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