Wednesday, September 24, 2008

god no eyes

Yes.. it's almost 3.15am.
Yes... I'm STILL SICK.
No. I din't go see doctor. No idea why.

Sitting here, fidgeting with my laptop..
Trying to get my work at least partially done..

Lately I was bombarded with questions as such...
"You're interior student.. why keep doing architecture?"
"You architecture meh? or landscape?"
"Interior also have to do this sh*t ar?"
"Wah.. architect teach you in school ar?"

Sigh.. you think I don't know meh..
One say this.. the other say another.. how..?! *scratches head*
Tutor wanna see all these.. What can I do?
If he don't approve this.. I can't proceed into the interior...
Yah.. What the heck right???!! b1st1rd

(above) My finals exterior layout plan on cad. Sigh.
I don't like it. Not what I want.. more like what he wants..
So in order to get approval, I have to do what he wants.. *sulks*

Skipped dinner.
Slept for an hour. Headache. Brain quitted.
Woke up. Nothing to eat. Don't feel like eating.
Went out to 7 11. Bought instant noodles cup. *grins*

I'm not quite a good sick girl yah... Hmm..
What to do? No "private doctor" or "private nurse" to take care of me? hehehe
Alright. Back to work.

Yes. This is my face now.

Now I am asking myself....
"Where's the light on my face?"
"Where's the goofy grin?"
"Where is ME?"
"Where's where??"

Work la. Break's over.
Hate hate hate hate hate.


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