Saturday, September 13, 2008

moon "balls" anyone???

Last year... *click*


Well well... I think I mentioned this almost every Mid Autumn Festival..
that I dislike eating mooncakes... sweet ler.. *bleughh*
Sorry to say that peeps.. but I just cannot tahan the "too-much-filling".. =(

But anyway.. obviously they were a few exceptions la... *grins*
ChoonWee gave me this beauuutiful box of mooncakes from Chynna KL Hilton..
despite the fact he is in Australia now.. Thanks junioco ChoonWee!!~
Nice packaging.. no wonder they won the best mooncake package this year..
(if not mistaken.. i think i read it somewhere.. hmmmm..)

At times, I only like special snow skin mooncakes with unique fillings..
Love that Blue Moon-snow skin lotus with Blueberry cheese Feuillantine center.. (middle)
sigh..what a long name for a mooncake
Very nice.. kinda a bit sweet and salty at the same time.. Very appetizing..
Then again... too much will make you "jelak"... (hmm.. am i too picky?)

Chocolate!!! (below) yummmyyyy~ *drools*
Mom cut it apart.. oooo treasure.. hahha.. Bailey white chocolate..
One bite was ok.. two bites were.. hmm sweet... three bites... REALLL SWEET!!!!
The baked ones I haven't get to try it yet. Will do soon.


Alright... back to homemade stuff..
Always love homemade.. very uniquely done.. and best.. less sugar..
I got the baked pigs last year.. This year was snow skins..

I haven't got the chance to bite into any of these cute moon "balls"..
I only bought 2 boxes and both boxes were like digesting in my friends' tummy d.
Hope they are nice anyway... *fingers crossed*

So cute right?? That brown spiky "ball" was the chocolate porcupine.. hehe
Pumpkin, piggy, radish or mango... porcupine, apple and.. erm.. hmm..
you fill in for me lar.. Duno what it's called in chinese.. hehe *blushes*

How I came across this cute set of mooncakes was.. thanks to KwangLi...
One super hot momma that still sooo interested in forums..
She found this in some chinese forum that I can't remember 'cos I couldn't possibly read it..
But just gawking at the cute pix and good price.. muttering, "Nice nice nice...."
Every mooncakes = different flavours. (dragonfruit, chocolate, pandan, lotus, etc etc)
Which is which flavour? I can't remember... Ask Jackson. =P

Alright peeps.. me heading to sleep d.
Tired today. Finally got to sleep early like so once in a blue moon lately.


Itinerary for today.
Was pretty tired when I woke up this morning..
Ate, TV, went tune-play my piano which I haven't touch for months..
Went 1U to meet up with Berny at Pick n' Brew..
Supposedly shop a bit but ran out of time..
First time being able to chat with super busy Jackson for more than half an hour..
Dinner, play lantern, back home... BLOG!! *grins*

Alrighto. Nights. *blows kisses generously*


p/s: somehow I have the urge to edit my pix today. haven't been doing it for long..

one fruitful day.

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