Monday, September 15, 2008

ANGLE simply is the 'tip'

Dropped by Pick n' Brew for tea with Tess today this late afternoon.
Well, it's always a nice place to have fruitful conversation.
Spilled coffee my design complaints all to her.
Grumbling, cursing, screwing, annoyingly laughing at the painful insults I got last Friday.
Sigh... all tightened up my chest.. I still have to tahan for 2 months..
yeah.. I know it's short.. but it's tormenting to face him and him.. argh.

Ice-creammm~ the best remedy. *grins*
Tess's pumpkin carrot pancake with ice-cream..
My Mixed Snack Platter... somewhere in my tummy with no pix taken..
simply 'cos I've forgotten. Hehe..
(psst.. i'm getting very absent-minded lately.. shit)

I bought her Cuppacakes for her belated-birthday.
My previous visit was click *here*..
30 biji of super adorable mini cupcakes.
Nice to see right? Nice to eat I hope... *grins*

After makan, talktalktalk, present-giving... took a short walk around 1U..
I so wanted to buy something.. but I couldn't find anything to buy..
Hate this feeling.. I so feeling like.. "want-to-spree-all-out"...
but... damn..

First stop, White House..
Nice clothes.. very nice sales person.. pretty and friendly...
But.. nothing caught my eye.. except this dress..
So me and my twin sister went to try it on...
but.. somehow.. hmm.. hmm.. oh well.. NO.
Both of us didn't like it... Hmmm...

Next, went to Bird Cage.
A lot of nice nice nice handmade knitted tops..
But those material.. i'm soooo lazy to maintain.. and hand-wash to be precise..
Kinda ex too.. saw one.. almost 300 bucks. *faints*
Anyway saw this dress.. thought it was flair..
but bila pakai... Tess's reaction was.. *mata-besar.. mulut-besar*...
I said.. Aunty hor? ahahhaha.. *nods*
I like prints lately lar!!!... how how how~~~

This one?!!! (below) Dorothy Perkins..
Bleh.. boh suka.. NO no no no NO no nonoNO nO NO NO!!!

Balik la... nothing to buy d..
Lagi almost 6pm d. Jammed up. Shit.
Obviously when it was horribly jammed up... what should you do??

lor!!! That's what camera is for rite? Hishhh.... *laughs*

I desperately need to trim my hair d.
But what style?!?!? Hmmmm.....

No impromptu lately.

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Tess Soh said...

36 biji lor...
no heart...*snob*
juz jking...

thanks thanks thanks for the cuppacakes...