Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a few and a few..and a few...

These happened quite long time ago...
Alright a quick easy one okay?


Few months ago...

Organic veg steamboat at Bandar Botanic, Klang.
Easily to locate when entering the main entrance, it's on ur right.
It was all started from my mom and her organic veg-seller.
That dude opened this restaurant and asked my mom to go and try.
Being a fantastic organic lover, definitely my mom go lor..
bringing us all there lagi.. hehe..

They have sets of full all-vegetable steamboat.
Lots of variety of vegetables. All organic.
You can buy fresh veg there as well.
Seriously taste better than normal steamboat. Definitely sweeter.
Side orders are typical. Normal lor...

My sister and her pirate eye. Poor her.
Duno how she rub her eye until kena infection. Sigh.

Well bout this place, normal. The difference is just organic vegetables.
Still very new, even located in a new place... so oh well...
Worth a second visit.. hehe.. actually I went there like 3 times d. *grins*


Few weeks ago...

Yvonne was supposed to meet up Berny for some freelance job.
I need them both to lend me their brains to cook up something for my finals..
since they're my super duper interior designer friends.

We met up at Chilis, MidValley.
At first we went to All Star Sports Cafe... but it was such a disappointment in their menu..
So many food cut off.. the waitress so lansi... the ambience no longer fun as last time..
So we decided to switch to Chilis.

Hmm.... a much better environment and fooood....

Bottomless tortillas n salsa for starters..
Yvonne's Old Timer burger n fries.. yummy fries...
And my Caesar Salad.. with croutons and paramesan cheese..
Ermm.. dessert? Refill the tortillas please.... hehehhe

Yvonne on the left, Berny on the right.
Laptop in the middle, sketches on the table.
Sigh.. design oh designnn... why are you such a pest?!!
You know.. this was my last time out "socialling"..
And it was long long long time once ever since finals got critical.
*pathetic look*


Few days ago....

It was Merdeka Eve.
Was driving around Bayu Perdana, Klang to buy lunch.
Saw this little boy struggling with his bicycle full of flags.
Gosh how patriotic right??

Look at the cars behind.. not one of them have a flag... not a single ONE..
Not even me. I never did anyway. Paiseh. *blushes*

Sometimes I wonder.. sighhh.. ok ok.. no grandmother stories.

Well well, Merdeka night I was home, rushing for my Intern report...
Deadline on Tuesday... Biskic complained I'm sooooo anti-social and boring..
That all i did lately was... stay at home, work work work and work..
How boring.. lucky i got no boyfriend.. if not boyfriend also cabut...
SO NABEH of him rite?? *sobs*

Anyway, mom made her own-recipe of fish paste.
Grinding and rolling and no-idea-what-else-she-did.. she made tons of yong tau fu..
So meaning when she did tons of them, we have to eat tons of them..
Thank god it was steamboat.. if not.. everyday eat also siao..
Anyway we did bought some other varieties that she din make..

My bowl of balls. White, brown, darker brown... which you like most??
Hehehe... nyek nyek~
Nothing much happened on Merdeka night for me...
other than tuning onto TV watching our PM and all the Ms singing patriotic songs..
and colourful people dancing on stage and my donkey brother singing along...
And back to work again till early wee hours..


Imagine what I will be doing next year today!!!!
I'll be freeeee from looking at that particular person who is making my day hell!!!!
This is what I tak boleh tahan sial...



Jackson said...

is the soup base from organic ingredients too?? go other restaurant also didn't come to Pick n' Brew

Michelle said...

hmm.. not really though.. what i know is.. their soup no MSG.. instead they put those mushroom taste powder..

yes yes.. i'm coming pick n brew next week ok~~~ chiong hei.. haha..