Sunday, August 31, 2008

got card.. so what?? NO phone.

I just got my sim card back yesterday.
But got no phone to use. So... *frowns*
Not having a phone with me 24/7 is horriblee.... handicapped i must say.
I told Raymond... going out without a phone is like being a real man but no dick.

Been home for almost a week. Keep doing my assignments only.
I feel like.. i need a life. NO i mean.. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!!!!
I want long fantastic dinners, shopping sprees, bitching with my favourite bitches, hanging around doing nothing but laughing, tormenting myself with jokes, movies, massages, aroma-therapy spas, manicures pedicures, doing something without DEADLINES.. etc etc etc..
I want stress-free life!!!


Oh yeah... MERDEKA peeps!!!
enjoying so far??? I didn't.


My bitch gave birth to 2 little puppies again last week I think.
(Ya i know she's a pariah dog... SO? Pariah dog not dog ar??)
(At least she's more loyal than guys)

(Ok ok.. not all guys. SOME. So don't emo with me k, guys?)

One male, one female... So adorable..
Just opened their eyes and transforming into cute fur balls.. hehe
At least they cheered me up..

p/s: I really hate this guy... who told me once... YER PARIAH DOG!
it's like WTF man.. This guy is really really self-conscious.. Like to show off his "skills".. *pukes* luckily not a close friend of mine. Just an acquaintance.

p/p/s: I'm eying on C902. Hehehe... *silence* Sob SOBSObb.. pockets dried up. HOw??


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