Monday, August 04, 2008

a different kind of sad

You know when people say bad luck come running all at once..
or jinxed to the max..
It's true ya know..
which was sadly and horribly occur to me lately..

It all started with...

Case 1
I was at 1U with BernyBehBeh and YvonneTheHelmet...
yeah.. for some gossiping and bitching session... hehe as usual..
Anyway... so I wanted to withdraw some cash out..
just in case I wanna buy some stuff... since it's Mega Sales now anyway..
things are like really cheap.. and worth it.. hehehe.. girls.. *rolled eyes*..
anything with the SALE sign is "worth it" and "undeniable-must-get" kinda of shit..

So.. back to my story.. I was at the ATM machine.
Q-ing up... long long line.. erm.. ok ler.. not so long... around 4 or 5 people..
Most of the machines were out of service that day..
However, when it was my turn... dengan sukacitanya i put my card in..
and the oh-so-bloody machine just swallowed it all up like a stupid-hibernated-bear..
Oh damn.. then yada yada yada making calls to the bank.. bla bla blocked card and all.. etc.

Case 2
Two nights ago, sudden blackout in the middle of the night.. possibly around 3am..
Lights went off.. phone lines too... Argh.
After several hours... the lights were back.. phone lines were back..
but my streamyx went down down down... no cable detected etc etc.
That explains my "missing" for 2 days..

Case 3
I usually pay my phone bills online. Save me all the hassle.
My mobile got barred this morning. Called them up.
Said the bank did not update my payment..
or something went wrong to those who paid last 27th - 30th..
Damn.. need my reference number..
I forgot where I save it.. and I couldn't get online to check cos the line was down.
Trouble... double the trouble mannnn... *frowns*

Case 4
My car a/cond went sissy lately.
Suddenly cold then suddenly just plain normal air which outside air was even cooler..
So gotta fix it.. if not.. with weather like this lately. I can pengsan.
And my silly window couldn't roll all the way up today.
So gotta fix that too..
And my silly alarm went emo with me... must be its hormones problems..
happy happy alarm went off.. it's like i'm stealing my own car. Darmniittt...
So gotta fix that too...


Ended up... what I did the whole damn day today was.. I..
(when I suppose to be developing on my design concepts & architectural approach for my finals since tutorial is tomorrow NIGHT..)

1) called up streamyx helpline for troubleshoot
2) went online, got my ref. number then called tele-service to un-bar my line.
3) went to bank, waiting for a lifetime to get my new ATM card.
Didn't want to wait for weeks or months for them to return my stucked-card.. i'll go PK..
4) went lunch with KokHau and Huaypin
4) went to fix my car.. the alarm and the window..
5) went to fix my car a/cond... motor thingy rosak.. replace a new one..
6) bought mini aquarium and 8 little fishies for my brother...
7) bought 3 big big big packet of chips as my companion for midnight works.

I really hate calling up helplines or help services.. it's annoyingly longgggg...
and keep stating "our consultants are busy now... please hold on.." blabla bla blehhh..
some was even "our consultants couldn't be reach at the moment.. please call back later..."

It's so bloody tulan lor.
Firstly you have to press like soooo many numbers...
for this language lar.. that division that intention etc etc.
Then end up.. nobody picked up or the line just went off... arghhh..


One day gone. Just like that. Time flies.
Well, at least I get it all done today. A fresh start tomorrow.

Okays. Hitting the showers.


bernadINE said...

oh i remember that moment.... hahahahah oh she was freaking pissed!!

Michelle said...

ahhaha oh-damn-you..
i know u remember ok... haha silly behbeh..