Wednesday, August 06, 2008

it's not wrong, just bad

Oh well. Some bad decision I made this week.

Got a call yesterday, seeking for help....
clarifying just very minimum work to be done.
Who knew when I went today, adding triples to the minimum..
At that situation where I just say NO, and can't brush it off, I agreed to take it up.
Very reluctantly.
Gotta learn to say NO the harsh way. Darn.

Oh how I shouldn't....
With my current workload, this is just a horrendous bag of burden..
Semua aku punya pasal.

Tsk tsk tsk.

"Hearts a tofu, shoulders a cow."
Don't understand? Nevermind. I do.

I'm gonna dig this out anyway anyhow...
Regret pun dah too late. Argh.

Looking on the bright side. Better cash-flow. *grimaces*
Just to make myself feel better... oh i shouldn't man...

I am so stupid.


Pete said...

Hi Michelle, good work with the pictures!

Michelle said...

Hi Pete.. thanks. you're nice.
=) hahaha