Monday, August 18, 2008

it's gonna "contradict"

Went school for submission and a short tutorial today.
Met back old collmate who is working in my dept now as a lecturer.
Small world huh?

Back in Klang.. Starbucks again. *grins*
My laptop is like 24/7 with me.
I cant do much work at home with never-ending "naggings".
YvonneHelmet was there already.
As usual "friendly" grumble here n there for me being late..
*whispers* like as if from Cheras back to Klang no jam at all...

Haven had my lunch.
Had CALM Tazo tea... not calming enough.. 'cos I'm still pretty tensed up. *frowns*
Ate mushroom cheese muffin. Love it.
Of all the food in Starbucks, I love their english muffins the most.
Cheesecakes are great too.. but just it's very sinful to makan cheese ok.

It is really good ok. 4 bucks fifty for one.
Taste better than burgers... and healthier I suppose.


My granduncle passed away two nights ago. Mom's side.
I only seen him like less than 5 times my whole life.
I do feel sad in a way 'cos life is so unpredictable.
The last time I saw him during CNY this year.
He was up and walking and yes... fagging..

So everyone went down. An hour ride.
Only me alone. Lonely-nya.
Bought a packed salad-bowl from Jusco for dinner.
No idea to eat what. SIen.

Comparing to what I had last nite.
Hawaiian Supreme Crunchy Crust Pizza with my sister.
Enough of carbo food d.

Alright. Won't be uploading anything maybe until Friday.
So.... make yourself happy ya. *hugs*

By the way, I bought a new bag today.
It's black from MNG. Yummy.

back to work. fuck


Jackson said...

y Starbucks? should b Pick n' Brew

Michelle said...

pick and brew sooooo far.. hahaha