Thursday, August 14, 2008

where's love when I need some??

Just came back from design tutorial.
Yes I know.. it's 1.20am... AM okay....
Started at 11.15pm. What you expect?? *frowns*

Kena bombed to cebis-cebisan..
until I have to find my bloody cebisan somewhere somehow.
Gawd. I'm feeling very very freakin' stress now.
First interim crit is next Thursday and I've got nothing out now.
Well at least I considered them THINGS before 11.15pm just now.

Cannot sleep.
Cannot think.
Cannot figure it out.
Cannot shit die.

Emo now.

F.I.R. & 信 - 需要你的愛

This song make me lagi emo.
Good lyrics. Good guy. Good girl. Good song. *thumbs up*

Yes. Very the 需要 the now.
Need love need love.. need sweet tender love.
For mood + strength + creative juices "booster".

So where the fark is my

Cannot find.

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