Friday, August 08, 2008

olympics beijing triples the eight

Yeah. I know a lot of people get married today.
Whatever. 8 of 8 of 8. So what?
Everyone went freaky over 7 of 7 of 7.. then nex year 9 of 9 of 9..
It's still another everyday-routined-life nevertheless the date right?

*rolled eyes*


I just watched the Olympic opening ceremony.
Still watching now anyway..
Cool yeh... *smiles*
So many people took part... a long breath of WOWW...

Not going to go on and on and on bout it...
All gonna hit the main media tomorrow...
I took some pix from the internet to post it up here..
For you guys who din watch and lazy to go searching online. *grins*

Very very colourful.
Love the colours very very much.
So story-telling... so cultural... so touching.. so filled with admiration and awe..
Very vibrant.. very contrasting... it just SO spell "celebration"...

Seriously blew my mind away.
Proud to be Chinese yeah? *winks*

Oh well, some other things that really amazed me the most were...
The Four Great Buildings to shape Olympic Beijing.

1. National Stadium. "Bird's Nest"
- jointly designed by Herzog and De Meuron Architekten AG, Switzerland
& China Architecture Design Institute.

The stadium is a bowl shape with a red stand.
It looks like a nest structure.
It is made of gray mining steel covered with a transparent membrane.
"Bird's Nest" is an original creation...
With a fresh and unique appeal, an exciting example of global architecture.
Seriously a great creation right? Ommiggoshh...

2. National Grand Theater - "Eggshell"
- by French Architect, Paul Andrews

Exterior don't look that tempting in the morning hor...
But at night... sibeh nice lor. I want to go.
The shell, made of titanium metal and glass together...
With day and night lights will add radiance and beauty to each other...
and have fast-changing colors.... This is so cool.
The surroundings of the Grand Theater are semi-transparent, golden netted glass walls.
People can see the sky inside the building through its dome.
Crazy ideas made to life mann.. Sigh.

3. New CCTV site - Unconventional "Z crisscross"
- designed by Ram Koolhass, the Metropolitan Architecture of the Netherlands.

Two quotes standing by this crisscross.
"It's the architecture that China needs -- I bring it to you now!" Ram Koolhass.

"The open attitude shown in selecting design schemes of this
high caliber has surpassed the architecture itself." Wu Yaodong.

Hehe.. I thought Ram was dead.. Sorry sorry.
I have this thinking famous architects are all dead.. hehehe...
My bad my bad. =P

4. National Swimming Center - "Water Cube"
I like this the most. Not sure why. *grins*

A semi-transparent "cube", with "bubbles" spread out all over its surface...
A damn good shape very similar to the structure of "H2O"

More info *here*

Ohmygodd... they just lit the huge torch.
So freaking grand wey..
Want more pix? Go google it.
Bet they're uploading it every second now.

psst.. psstt..
guess how much the architect earn?
The heap of brainstorming for cool-never-done-before ideas and workloads...
Worth the bucks right??
But still freaking so nabeh right?!
*looks at the green monster sitting on my right shoulder*

me want too... if my brain is like half theirs.


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