Thursday, August 21, 2008

bloodless kill

This happened last night..
A whole lot of things to rush and complete..

Today is my first Interim Crit for my final design module.
I really panicked 'cos I know what I have produced is not enough.
Just that I did the best and produced as much as I can to do for today.

I am lost. Yes. Lost in not sure what to do and all.
Serious. I'm not kidding. First time presenting for crit with no confidence at all.
Bloody first time. Hate that feeling.

This morning rained heavily. I was so hungry.
Slept at 4.30am. I was already hungry. Woke up lagi hungry.
Went to this chinese med shop to buy bread.
Told that lady boss, I'll just take the bread, need not the plastic bag.
But I removed the plastic bag....
SO BLUR put the plastic bag into my bag and started to walk out...
I really din't realised it at all.
Lady boss called me back and laughed...
"Girl, why you take the plastic, don't want your bread ar?"
GOsh... Plastic bag still in my hand, in my bag, bread on the counter.
Soooo foolish. SOooo embarassed. SOooo not myself today. All because of that stupid crit.

Eng, my ONLY classmate in action.
Also kena bombed.

My crit sketches. (below)
Gawd gawd gawd. Of all the things I did... I was bombed too.
Slaughtered with no mercy. Dead hanging.
I was quite disappointed.

Close-up. See how my lecturer stick the butter paper on my sketches and start commenting.
They even draw on my sketches...
Even though that is like normal crit procedures... but but... *heart aches*

Well well... face the fact lo. I really need to buck up.
But somehow I'm stuck. Like real stuck this time.
That really terrifies me.

I really hate it when lecturers said we're lazy.



Tess Soh said...

i know that everybody is feeling terrible
im terrified too...

gambateh~ k?

backstreetgluttons said...

take it easy, we are here.

good luck and go krip it

Michelle said...

tess: chill? how to chill man?/ u were there tat day rite? see how no mercy "he" is... argh. goofy ***

bsg: thanks guys. really need it.