Friday, August 15, 2008

want high school back~

I just got back from Disney's High School Musical Ice Tour.
Held at Bukit Jalil as usual, tonight was the premiere.
Went with HuayPin who got the complimentary good seats tickets from the organizer.
Not bad. Go get the tickets and watch it. Worth.

Nah a quick teaser.

Very tired.
Going to hit the bed like in few seconds time.
Will upload the pix soon.
By the way, I've just updated the previous post with more pix.
So just check it out ya.

Gonna go visit some vegetable farm tomorrow for my design case study.
Can't wait. *yawns*

Alright. Love yall...

love life

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backstreetgluttons said...

dun forgit the ladies fingers, the purple pinky ones ok . tks dear