Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the wonderful curves you never had

secret message - happy today?

I'm sitting here in Starbucks Bukit Tinggi..
trying to kick ass in my assignment.. making full use of the whole day today...
(which I think is already suffocating me... argh.. so i decided to blog a bit..)

Anyway... I don't really fancy organic architecture..
thought it was pretty messy.. hmmm...
but die die my final thesis design MIGHT have to include organic terms...
(which I'm really not happy with it.. but kena forced to do it..)

My tutor suggested.. Antonio Gaudi's works..
Do a little research on it.. study the details.. design patterns... approach.. feel..
color.. material.. lines.. curves.. textures.. shadow-playing.. light-penetrating... *nods*

Wonderful how architecture makes you feel right??
So real yet so surreal..
They are characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions...
Organic architecture SO won't go out of style...
Taking your every second breathing studying bout the oh-so-detail-things..
Awww.. making me loving it every detail plastered to it... *ponders*
(but asking me to do this... oh shat... how ler how ler.. )

Cool eh??? *beams*
So looking like Hansel and Gretel's Candy House right??
I want to go there one day.
Antonio is THE man.... (don't like Zaha Hadid.. no idea why..)

Some funny dude did this comic piece above. Quite cute though. Hehe.
You can get most of the organic stuff *here*
Just a random page though.

Back to work. *serious face*



cass said...

woo i love gaudi's stuff man. and i loved barcelona cos of it. i think u'll love it too with all gaudi's work everywhere plus cheap mango/zara shopping.

hehe.... eh plan some holiday come visit me la. we go barcelona. fly to barcelona from here cheap cheap only.

Michelle said...

hahhah lately all i get from u is shopping huh? hahahhaha

very busy lately with work n studies..
will plan for hols soon.. will see will see.. hehehehe