Monday, August 11, 2008


All between the three of us.

We had a stupid short "breast debate" over the msn chat just now.
Arguing bout whose bigger, who wear push-up bras more often, whose saggier..
Bout who gonna win the biggest boob title between us...
Bout when gravity hitting?
Bout whether to go enlarge it or reduce it...
And guess who won? *grins*
Self-declared winning anyway. Hahaha

Got also kena.
Don't have also kena.
Big also don't like.
Small also complain.
Push-up also cannot.
Don't push also cannot.
How you tell me?
Why having a pair of sweet mamamia "meatballs" also so susah??

Eh... not i win ok. -_-

three stooges' game

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