Sunday, August 24, 2008

my head messed up while olympic closed

One Sunday that I didn't touch my laptop till now.
Just want to take the whole bloody day off.
Not doing anything since brain not working at all.
But my heartbeat was very irregular 'cos I'm just so fishing worried.
Bout my school stuffs. Hatred born.

Anyway I woke up this morning with this glass of juice waiting for me...
Mom went "juicing" this fresh juice before I woke up..
She said, "Must drink. You're turning into a "boh-lat-gui.."
(boh-lat-gui simply means no-energy-ghost in hokkien)

I was like... gross.. looking at it without mixing water... really yucky looking..
This juice includes carrots, baby bitter-gourds, celery, one duno-what green veg...
ermm... beetroots & cucumbers.. All organic worrr.... Mom's fave.
The aroma was not bad.. just the sight of it... the carrot smell really stood out..
So i poured some water in.. for extra taste, I added in a tablespoon of enzyme vinegar..
mom's DIY, ribena and rose... nice~~
(she's selling the enzyme too.. different flavors... so if interested let me know...)
Well, she said can detox, ermm.. something to do with blood.. err... etc etc. lol
So it was healthy and yummy by not looking at it la.. *grins*

My brother habis-kan all the Big Apples Doughnuts I bought yesterday.
So that cup of fresh veg juice was my only breakfast.
Don't really have that appetite to really go eat anyway...
"Anxious" and "uncertain" kills.

Helped mom with lunch and house chores.
Then went back to sleep the whole day today. Never slept this much before.
And never sleep these hours straight for a bloody long time d.
Family understood this time.. since I din't sleep for nights d..
so nobody kacau or woke me up until like dinner time.... hehehehe
6 hours of undisturbed sleep... though i did wake up to pee n drink water several times..

^OO^ *oinks*

Dad handed me this piece of papaya before dinner..
My uncle all the way in Sekinchan gave us a lot of papayas that he planted backyard.
Very sweet.

Call me mountain (sua-ku) but this was the smallest papaya i've seen.
Smallest papaya that was sooo sweet and ripe..
Normally this size is always like unripe kind... greenish and hard..
but... hehehe... alright.. I discovered something new today. *laughs*

Was watching the closing ceremony of the Olympic..
Wow I must say. *click*
The opening was so formal grand..
where else to me the closing was quite those of celebration finale kind..
The fireworks were like GREAT.. superbly splashing colours into the dark sky of Beijing.
I so want to be there n leave all these stress away. *sulks*

One final rehearsal before closing starts.

Love this centerpiece.

More here *click* and *click*
China won like 51 gold medals. Hella lot rite??
Anyway there's always stories behind the winning..
I somehow read this.. saddening... *click*
Nobody told her, her mom was dead till like after she entered the finals or won...
Imagine that mixed emotions... aww.. *sobs* so sad.. *sniff sniff*

Well, China's Olympic won everything though... technically said..
The best opening and closing ceremony ever in Olympic history.
The most medals... the most this and that... the best this and that...
Couldn't recall much now. Look at the time. 2:13 am. *frowns*


It was Selina's birthday last Friday. (lady boss okayy..) *grins*
Really no idea on what to get her.
Me, Wayne, Priscilla and YoonLeng shared to get her a cake.
So I ordered BigBoysOven's LV cheesecake for her.

Sorry this pix aint clear. But you can check them out here. *click*
Great cakes, great presentation, great people... give it a try..

Very pretty cake right? Look appetizing... and very very cheesy...
Priscilla loves it. Wayne ate the most.. YoonLeng & 2nd helping after few hours.
We curi-curi took this pix from the box... seriously..
'cos we can't wait to look at it after lunch that day.
Pris hit the pantry and was like "come come we go see the cake.. hehehheheh"
I was like... "ok grab cameras.."
"Ok ok" was her reply.. but the hands already in the fridge pulling the box out.
Hahaha so cute la she...

YoonLeng helped Selina to cut the cake.
Little Katrina was sitting on her lap, eyeing on the macaroons. Adorable kid.
Eversince she started kindergarten, really can talk well d.
Love kids... (only when they're not crying their lungs out)


Droopy eyes, bad eye-bags, more freckles I believe..
Mood swings, Sudden-emo, Bad sleeping patterns, bad eating routines.. etc etc..
This is the proof. *glances below*

So any of you who needs free consultation on becoming a jack-ass zombie...
just email me or leave me a comment. I'll definitely get back to you if I could.


To you guys who are reading my blog, I'm sorry... I'm a bad train wreck recently.
That you guys really have to tolerate with my sucky bad-ass attitude...
on keep complaining and sulking over my final-year project...
'cos this is the shit that worries my ass off very often lately..
and I just couldn't step into the right track yet.
So guess just either read my complaints or just ignore it..
'cos I know it's gonna get old and annoying right?
But I just need a few lines to just gush it all out k. *hugs peeps*

Love you all. Love me back. I need tons of love.
Undying love.


backstreetgluttons said...

v r thinking of that nice place beside the Klang KTM station called El Trago wonder if its still there, we wanna invite you too.

sure make you healthy one

Michelle said...

There is?? oh.. i din know..