Friday, August 01, 2008


I was in office yesterday.
*scratches head*

I had to check and compare our drawings with the architect's for these few condos.
Yeah all at the same block.
Checking the existing sprinklers if there's any need to relocate or not..

these few clients bought in the same block different floors...
...okay fine fine.. FINE..
But... the stupidest weirdest thing is that of all these few clients..
only 2 remembered which condo lot and at which level they bought them..

It's like whadaayafoookk ya.... i gotta like check from 8th floor to 28th floor..
cos layout seems the same.. but m&e points and all are different...
Though 8-24th floor are the same locations but... it's bloody troublesome lorrr..
How can you all buy a few condos at one time for your leisure holiday nest only...
when you're ONLY staying in KL... wtf..
not remembering which floor.. wtf again..
AND they're like tengah holiday-ing in UK now..
so they couldn't check their paper stuff.. wtf again n again.
A few of them bought 2 or 3 condos straight.. *whines*
Jealous la me. Where the money come from??
So small size, so bloody expensive.. arghhhh...

Anyway... rich asses.. *rolled eyes* Sigh.


Lucky I'm on semester break this week.
Scary ler. Tess just sent me this webpage.
It was this morning's accident.... at Taman Connaught..
This highway to and fro that i used everytime I go to class..
And it happened like around 10am which!!...
....I'm always around that corner at that exact time... *shrieks*

*shudders* Ghost month first day. Some said soooo unlucky..
Horrible accident. 2 dead. 6 injured. A bloody 10 tonne lorry. Gawd.

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Horrible hor?


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backstreetgluttons said...

yeah , life is precarious. we always remember the sweet young piano gal who was crushed with car from a falling lorry from the sky some years ago in tmn megah PJ. and so we must do what we must today and tommorow. dun forgit ah