Thursday, August 14, 2008

welcome to my dirty closet


I love my new TOY!!!!!!!

Love it till I want to screammmmm!!!!

CANON Ixus 860 IS
I curi this pix from internet. Hehe.
I think I'm going to name my baby. *guffaws*
My baby charging now... Need full 8 hours of sleep.
Going to be strong strong.
Heheh.. i'm so happy laa...

My plans to be bookworm tonight was ruined.
Thanks to RaymondSepet.
But at least I get to buy my baby... So I'm glad.
Just that I have to work my ass off now.

Hehehehe... I did snap a few pix la...
FOodies for the our dinner at Sushi Zanmai.

My baby's wide angle feature. Cool. Hehe.

Come out with this kind of people damn sien. Keep sms'ing the gf only.

Food food food... Love their plates. So the nice.
No doubt their food is fresh, affordable, and much better than Sushi King.
Sakae Sushi sucks. Hate it. Sushi Groove not bad, maybe a little pricey.
So it was effortless to love Zanmai. *grins*

Very full. Thanks to RaymondSepetMyBestGuy for dinner.
After so many ffk times and super busy at F1 sepang work...
finally we met up and spend some time together.
Really miss those times.

That bugger RaymondSepet successfully GOOF me up again.
I thought he was just bloodily toying it.
Mana tau he really snapped it and laughed like a cow to himself.
Nabeh him. Make me wonder why until I saw the pix myself. *groans*

I love my dress colour.
New dress. Yum~
Thanks to Annie...
Introducing her friend's boutique in Subang Parade and getting 20% off.

Aiks!!! I got project submission tomorrow.
Will upload the food pix soon.
Going to High School Musical Ice Tour with HuayPin tomorrow night.
Can't wait!!!! This week was horrendous. Need a good time-out.

Bye peeps... I love today.
Btw, Kwangli looked like a hot mamma today. Seriously yummylicious.
HAhhahahaHahh Hyper like hell now.


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