Friday, August 29, 2008

i think i'm jinxed


Don't ask how i cleverly did that...
'cos I have no answer to myself also..
One minute it's in my bag..
the other minute it's gone.
Moreover ghost month over d.

So, please send me your contacts via here, or email.. (look at the left sidebar)
Facebook or Friendster pun boleh...
Thanks a ton. *hugs*
I'll still be using back the same 6665 number..
Will be collecting the new sim card tomorrow if can.

Well, any nice phone to intro out there?

i'm sad and pissed and ARGH!!~~


pink_angel said...

Wah, ppl steal from your bag?? Come I intro you this nice new phone. Samsung U900. Damn cun...hehehehe.

cass said...

wah!! and yesterday i tried to call your hp at about 1am ish your time. couldn't get through...
first time i try to call back.

tengwai said...

sony ericsson ? c702 ?

backstreetgluttons said...

so sorry lah. be careful ah nex time put inside bottom front pocket.

Michelle said...

ash: i dont think ppl stole it.. guess i dropped it kua.. really duno how to happen or when.. sheeshh...

cass: awww..... damn missed it. hehee.. wassap? suddenly wanna call me? hehe

tengwai: hehe.. am more into c902.
still considering..

bsg: *nods* thanks. *hugs* so what's ur number? lol