Wednesday, September 10, 2008

almost dropped tears wey..

Cassandraaaa!!!~ Thanks a ton!!~~ *hugs hugs hugs*
When you were confirming my home address the other day...
I knew you were going to send me something.. a card or etc..

So i got your delivery yesterday morning... all the way from UK..
Oh my goshhH~~ I almost dropped tears lorrr!!
hahahhaa.. so ninnyyy rite??
My reaction was like... "classic"...

I was like feeling it.. soft.. hmm... birthday card and???
When I opened and pulled it out, I was stunned~~! stoned... blurred...
go ahead and name my reaction mann.. seriously... hahaha..
I think my heart stopped a beat.
It was very "out of the blue" and a huge pleasant surprise~~..

I din't know you read my blog... blogged bout this months ago.. *click*
Thought you MIA from blog-world until recently you baru started blogging back...
Sighhh~~~ (beaming like a year old kid getting her first lollipop)

Thanks again babe for this birthday present.. *sobs*
When u coming back??... me no have pasar-malam kaki ler...
Long time no pasar-malam spree d.. Hehehe...

p/s: Been busy lately. Will blog soon. Slowly..
p/p/s: I'm wearing it now blogging this.. *grins*
p/p/p/s : Yup I know my dresser kinda messy. Will clean soon. =P

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