Thursday, February 22, 2007


today.. chinese new year the 5th day.. afternoon.. 12:35pm
i got screwed over a minor misunderstanding with the Grand Empress

from my side of story or comprehension... it went like this :

*stageplay started in my living room*

empress : my friends coming over by 1pm.. go get some ice-cubes from 7 eleven.. not enough here..
slave : okays.. later.
empress : now.. quick.. they'll be here any moment..
slave : ok ok ok ok.
empress : go get 1 packet.. i think is enough.. oh.. no no.. 2 better
slave : ok.. so 2 packets.. wat else???
empress : err.. i think another 2 bottles of coke.
slave : fine.. wat else..
empress : that's it larrr... *exit for shower*

*going to my room - costumes changed to go out*

slave : (walking to her room which is next to the bathroom)
empress : (calling from the bathroom) remember ok!! get 2 packets of ice..
slave : (yelled) 2 packets rite???? *to confirm*
empress : (screaming from the bathroom) yalar!!!!! how many times u want me to repeat!!!
slave : okays.. going now lar.... just to confirm wat... walao.

*back from 7 eleven with 2 packets of ice-cubes & 2 bottles of coke*

empress : (opens the freezer, with ice on her hands) what??? why u buy 2 packets of ice-cubes?
slave : what? u said 2 wat...
empress : i did not la.. u deaf issit??
slave : eh.. when u screamed 2 packets.. everyone heard ok..
empress : u deaf girl.. i said.. go get one packet of ice that cost.. 2 bucks!!!! so how much is one packet???
slave : ya rite.. i heard what i heard ok. 1.60 nia...
empress : yala yala.. always u correct.. i'm always wrong.. use ur monkey brain a bit la.. the fridge so full how to stuff 2 more packets of ice??? where is ur brain?!?!?! everyday study study study.. sleep.. eat.. study.. whatever things that are happening at home you wat also duno.. no clue at all.. yada yada yada.. n the singing went on and on and on...

okay. what i misunderstand here is...

empress : (calling from the bathroom) remember ok!! get 2 packets of ice..
slave : (yelled) 2 packets rite???? *to confirm*


empress : u deaf girl.. i said.. go get one packet of ice that cost.. 2 bucks!!!!

1. so how would she know the ice is only cost 2 bucks??
2. the whole stageplay is in hokkien..
3. what does ice have to do with my studies?
4. i AM sick. nose blocked and sore throat. Light fever last night. So can't i sleep a bit longer?
It's not that she don't know..'cos she's the one that pass it all to me. now that she cured.. she can yell opera notes on top of her lungs to the max.
5. it's just a small matter. if i WAS the one who mis-heard.. fine.. we have ice-box.. so just bloody keep it in the ice box?? what's so susah??
6. i haven start on any of my assignments yet!!! how to die?????? and yet she's complaining so much.. seriously.. teach me how to live my life???

So what's your verdict?


let me tell u guys some shits that you might not agree... i rather live my life of the daily routines compared to cny. i dont mind if there's no angpau ok!!! cny is hectic!!! (leave out the fact that I got screwed today)

the reasons -
- weather is horribly hot, heaty, humid
- a lot of things to do before/during/after cny (especially when you got no maid)
- you have to act so so so so so friendly and happy to see all ur relatives who will be asking u the same ol' questions every year... (eg: when getting married? got bf? fat alredy? thin alredy? still haven finish studying? working? etc etc etc....)
- you have to run around the house like a full-time buruh kasar for drinks, junk food and whatever the kids have spilled on the floor..
- everytime when u finally wanted to rest or take5, guest came.. get up n work again. act polite and smile like there's no tomorrow when the fact is u'r yelling I NEED A BREAK in you.

i'm tired. i'm so so tired of running here n there.. just gimme a break where i can start on my own things. i haven even step into any of my friends' houses. from the 1st day till today.. it's been ALL ALLLLL relatives.. their friends... their friends' friend.. and their friends' friends' friend.


it's like 1:42pm now.
where are her dumb friends now?

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