Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dissatisfaction that goes nowhere..

Appointments appointments appointments!!
I can't believe I'm booked for work for the rest of this week.
Every single day. Morning session, afternoon session and evening too.
Oh fuck my life.

I need some few hours for myself.
Some FREE hours for me to do nothing but just enjoy the moment.
To relax and have a deep long sleep...
Unlike lately only to always wake up to sudden urgent morning calls bout site issues etc or late SMSes out of nowhere bringing forward the deadlines.. Ugh.

Maybe I should try retail shopping.
A friend tagged me in facebook for the sudden fame of Banane Taipei Eco bags.
Posted a pix below. Nice? I like their Lake Blue or maybe Green Grass.

But no money.
Sigh. After complaints after complaints, life still goes back to square one.
Which is WORK to get CASH.

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