Thursday, June 16, 2011

who can resist John Corbett?

I have a huge crush on John Corbett ever since I watched him on Sex and the City.
Yes still having a bigass crush even though the series was like 10 years ago?
I still and will always find him really hot and sexy despite his older age now.

This vid below is one of Trisha's BIG song.
Meaningful lyrics with very nice vid to go alongwith.
Of course "plus points" for me is that John's starring in it. =)

We don't have to do this..
We don't have to act like friends,
As much as I would love to,
I really just don't think I can...

Me, the one who really knows you
Me, the one whose heart you've broken..
Me, the one who was still hoping..
You might be missing.... me.

I really like the lyrics. *click* Find it very down-to-earth.
Practically everyone would go through this kind of phase in life.
Can so feel it.


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