Tuesday, May 13, 2008

in the midst of guilt and awe


HH told me bout "Perks in getting a boyfriend".

"Honey.. PK dy...."
*toot toot toot*
2k cash-in bank account the next day.

"Babbyyyy..... that bag very nice... but so ex lerr....."
Credit card swipes.

"Sigh.. work so hard, boss pay so little every month.."
*checks account balance*
Monthly income = 3k from boyfriend.

p/s: depending on your manja technique how keng!
and obviously get a bloody loaded bf lar. DUH!

Life sucks right?? So bias.
Don't know if this is what they call "hang fuk" or "spoiled" ??


One scenario let me give..

AA went to this shop, inquiring for quotation on "Apricot Jem"..
For the Famous Diva Rabbit.
So the shopkeeper was like keep pestering AA "Apricot Jem" for who??
If not hard to inquiry or hard to this n that..
So the AA also a bit blur today, not knowing why TER-blurted out saying it's for Diva Rabbit.. which ain't supposed to say out.. Then mana tau the shopkeeper and duno where the keepers' keepers came all running and went.....

" OHhhhh Rabbit yaa... I know i know... I know Rabbit's whole family ancestors 1.. Their bunny burrow and soil and grass also I PAU 1.. we very close 1... Aisehhh.. no prob no prob.. Rabbit mar.. I know.. RAbbit... Rabbit last time.. this with me.. that with me.. everytime find me.. we sibeh FREN 1.. yala yala.. rabbit rabbit lar.. say mar.. appricot jem? can lar.. no prob la.. we make this happen ok.. wat jem u wan also can.. rabbit marr!!!"

AA traumatized. The SilangKuis Attack.

So what I'm trying to say here is that..

Yaya.. i know i know.. bla bla bla bla... i know her.. he know me.. she know me.. i know him.. blabla.. i know his mom his dad.. her granddad.. her aunty.. my aunty my uncle.. ayah punya mak punya kakak punya adik punya ahmah punya jiran punya never-ending..

WALAO!!!!!!!! It's just one f*rking inquiry ok!!!

p/s: KBLC = Kao Bu Lin Chin... it's not foul. Dirty asses' mind.


Emo d.


duno how to feel la


..mOnK* said...

apricot jem. wahahaha.. chill la..

Michelle said...

trying to chill la dear...

huaypin said...

hahaha.. i know who's AA, Rabbit family and apricot jem!!!.. ahhahahahaa!!!