Wednesday, March 26, 2008

freckles speak

I tell you... facial products are SO very important..
Especially when u'r getting old mature..
y'know *shrugs*.. as clock is ticking FAST!! ARghhh..

Anyway.. i just wanna share this.. hehee..
I've been using Clinique for a few years d.. almost 3 years i think..
I really like these two (below) both good moisturizers.. though a bit ex..
but it's investment okkk!!! the yellow is my daily moisturizer..
love it.. especially the pink one.. moisture surge extra.. *thumbs up*

Well, my skin hor... sometimes.. quite dry.. (that's y no pimples.. hehe)
at times.. can even see the dry wrinkled lines around my T-zone area...
this bloody pink surge.. fuiyohh.. make it bloody smooth lor.. ahhahaha...
"Spread" a thick layer on it before u sleep... like once a month..
the next day u wake up.. u feel ur face rite.. sibeh songg... no lie 1.. hehehhe..
real damn smooth.. lol.

Ok la.. short random post.. gotta go buat my design..
Yvonne next to me membuat her design also..
ok la.. these 2 designers going to go crack brains.

*gasps for air*

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