Friday, February 29, 2008

my unreachable prince *screams*

Who doesn't know this f*cking hot hunk?!!??
I mean... who doesn't know Jay Chou??!!

you don't know?? what?!?! never heard of??? where can??
Go google him larrrr!!! quick!!! nabeh u..

Come one lar... he's so hot.. so yeng.. so talented..
so good-looking.. so charming.. so magnetic.. hahahhaa
so .. so .. so.. never-ending "positivity" points.. hahaha.. *blushes*

Look at this pix (below).. I mean.. not MAN meh???
How can you say he's not MAN!??
I soooo depressed that I missed his concert last week..
SHeesshhh... No more tix.. *sobs*
ARghhhhhhhhhhh... I'm sulking till now u know... *grumbles*

So see cute guy "song" liao horr????
My sister found some idiot talented asshole fella photoshopped...
*hiccups* ... my hero's face with some girl's body.. nabuehhhhhhhhhh...

AAWWwwww... Sibeh look-like-GIRL right???
A deliciously pretty one lagi..
See.. how MAN a man is.. can be as PRETTY & SWEET & SEXY as "chio bu"....
U say he's "niang-niang-chiang"??? YOU JEALOUS!! hmPH!! *pokes u pokes u*

*getting ready for my bimbo act*

JAY CHOU FOREVER!!! love u love u.... *mwahhh* love u...


Oh shit..


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