Thursday, February 14, 2008

my love ain't in the air.. la la lala..

Jahat Gary.
Just 4 days din blog.. he pulak say I outdate.. hMph!!


Two years ago... my valentine was like *this*
A year ago... my valentine was like *that*

Well, well.. happy valentines' single awareness day everyone!!!!!..
To us who are so single and so available *grins* celebrates this..
To those who are so coupled and double.. please walk further sikit.. thanks.. hehehe

Just today only I realised for real that.. Single Awareness Day = SAD
look at the initials.. aww damnn.. really that S.A.D meh?? to me today was not THAT bad..
my special half is nowhere to be seen YET.. i said YET..
so spending this "special" day with my buddies ain't a sad thing after all..
SINGLE buddies ONLY ok!! if not, i'll drown in green sea.

No idea why today I just spotted like couples EVERYWHERE...
suddenly sibeh a lot of couples.. here la, there la.. seriously EVERYWHERE...
*groans* adding pain into misery

Ok. Enough crap.
So Alan, ChoonWee, HuayPin and me went for dinner.
Die-die we also want hang out.. die-die we didn't want to stay home n feel like losers. LOL.
Another 2 singles.. JunWei went to Singapore.. that Yvonne still stuck in Taiwan..
So the singles club left only 4 of us..

Wanted to go for Jackson's Pick 'n Brew at Glenmarie.. but fully booked d. Sigh.
So ChoonWee booked Legend of Pasta at Centro, Klang..
which was also fully booked but he has his ways to get us a table..
Prefer to dine "nearer" 'cos semua also need to go home to pray tonight.
If not, we'll definitely cabut to KL for makan and club.

Anyway.. one couple set was 168.88++ with complementary of 2 glass of sparkling wine..
Atmosphere was good.. but I did mention it was too "klang".. lol..
HuayPin did mentioned, mayb 'cos they don't really dress-up for the occasion..
4 of us were probably having better time compared to couples sitting around us..
simply 'cos most of the girls were like pretending to be shy... polite all of the sudden for tonight..
then the guys were like suddenly so gentleman.. pulling out chair n shits.. SHHEEESHHH...

sorry.. just can't help but to trash a bit.. hehe

So.. the valentine menu were as below..
We ordered 2 sets (duh.. 4 of us wat..)
so there were 2 different types of appetizer and main courses..

2 sets of Appetizer...
- Baked Mussel & Prawn Mousse Stuffed in Mussel Shell,
topped with Cheese Fondue

- Grilled Eggplant Rolled with smoked Pork Bacon & Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese topped with Apricot Glaze was really heavenly good.. Love it..

Soup... Potato Leek Soup with Smoked Pork Bacon
Not bad lar.. Pork Bacon kinda like too little, perhaps?

Sorbet - Peach Flavored Sorbet
Sweet. Not icey enough.

2 sets of Main courses..
Alan and HuayPin had Grilled Lamb Ribs served with Creamy Rosemary Sauce,
on a bed of Baked Herbs Potatoes (above)

ChoonWee and myself, we had Grilled Salmon served with Citrus Sauce,
on a bed of Homemade Lime Flavored Pasta
Salmon was pretty errr.. hmm.. ok only..
the pasta.. should I say "not an even toss"?

Dessert - Caramelized Apple Crepe..
No idea whether these crepe suppose to be cold or warm.. 'cos neither.
Sweet and kinda "watery"..

Group pix. (from left, Alan, HuayPin, Moi, ChoonWee)
and again.. WE ARE NOT COUPLES!!!
Loookkk at my sleeepyy tired eyes. Need toothpicks.
HuayPin so CNY. hehhehe..

So dinner tonight was just okayy..
ChoonWee was telling me that normally their food ain't that bad..
He was there so frequent that he made new friends with the captain and one of the chef, Troy.
And that today's menu was not Troy's recipe.
Konon, he said Troy's much better than this.
Well, I think I will be back for another time, for better evaluation and their other specialties.
Mayb tonight busy with valentine sets so quality a bit char lorr... Hmmm...

So after dinner, all of us rushed back for????

Pray lor.

Okays.. hitting the bed soon.
Enjoyed my dinner tonight.
We're planning for our lou-sang this Sunday.
Oh.. tomorrow night ChoonWee's CNY open house.
Hope I can be there early to snap some beautiful tartlets & maracons. *winks*

GAWD.. eeat eat eat only. So many EAT EAT lately..
geezzz.. diet plan!!!!! *yells*

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