Thursday, February 07, 2008

celebrating the new cina "tikus" year

HeYOOOo!!! you YOu and YOU!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!
All the best in everything and start a great year ahead
Heaps of fortune, tons of happiness, everlasting beauty,
and prosper prosper!!!!

Well.. heard that no love luck for rats this year...
Hmm... so gonna be single and so UNavailable throughout 2008 lor..
Nevermind.. let's enjoy life to the frrreaking fullestt!!! Hell YEahhh!! *laughs*

HEhhEHhehehhe.... ok lar.. Busy lately.. running here and there..
Might blog.. err tomorrow or day after..


p/s: angpau mana?


team bsg said...

v r coming v r coming !
wait wait !

happy new year
s m o o o o o c h e s tssssssssschh ...

Michelle said...

happy CNY!!!!
hehehehe.. xoxoxox