Sunday, February 10, 2008

cny dishes "bore" fast

Well, a short post to be up-ped. *grins*
Been busy with cny-visiting among relatives ONLY lately..
the traveling-then-sitting-down-entertaining-smiling = damn tiring wayy... total drenched
but collecting angpau obviously not lar... hehe..

Nothing much to post bout lately though..
Same things repeatedly these few days..
makan, minum, smile, talk, act-interested, collect angpau, clean-up, travel, poker.. etc
and i'm kinda lazy to crap much.. hehhe..

A li'l on food though.. *click to enlarge*

CNY dishes are tempting at first but got bored of it pretty soon..
'cos every house also agak-agak around the same stuff..
my fave every year (at first lar) are still... (from pix above)
dangyuan with redbean gravy.. the sea cucumber, fish maw with pig belly & spicy fried chicken.
hehehe.. mom-hand-made.. very "fantalicious"..

Went Tongkah.. off-Banting to visit aunt no.2 (mom's side) this afternoon..
Typically always have dinner with them before head back to Klang.
We went to this Restaurant Sin Tian Kee in Banting town for dinner..
Like I said... reallllll tired of cny dishes.. pork lar.. mushrooms lar.. this lar.. that lar..
We ordered very simple everyday-life dishes.. (pix below)
A few of them were the greens, yam thingy, lemon-orangy chicken & claypot curry fish-slice..
I didn't snapped it all.. hehe 'cos busy eating lor and talking lor.. *blushes*

Well, well.. in a totally holiday mood..
don't feel like doing my assignments.. or checking my mails.. or facebooking..
just like feeling very very lazy.. sighhhhh...... *groans*
like suddenly my ambition is to be a professional couch potato.. *beams*
hahahaha.. ok.. gotta hit the bed.. or maybe not..
kinda watching Naked Weapon on youtube now.. lol

But still.. night peeps... *blows kisses*
I miss my friendsss!!!! Been "family" all lately..


Jackson said...

go Banting for food also didnt call me along...boho!

Big Boys Oven said...

Now I leave you lots of kisses and sunshine! Happy Valentine's Day!

Michelle said...

jackson : learn from u mar.. u go lou sang din call me also.. *sad*

bbo : kisses ain't enough.. more!! hahahaa