Saturday, February 23, 2008

how pathetic

I always hated the fact where people will say...
"You're a girl.. you must do housework.. you must do all the chores...
Earning money is not that important that you ignore the chores..
you must this.. you must that.. if not how you going to serve your husband nex time?"

What the HELL!!!
Serve who?? did u use the word "SERVE"??
I'm sorry guys.. maybe I'm not married yet.. or to say I'm in love yet..
So I didn't know I pathetically have to SERVE my husband next time..

I really not sure of what to expect in this era..
I did use the word ERA yes???
Look.. to bring back a bowl of rice to the table everyday ain't just the guy's job anymore..
Yea yea... you all said that THIS ERA girls n guys are equal.. wada wada..
then some shit will say no lar.. guys how also more potential..
'cos girls will get pregnant lar.. emotional lar.. jaga family lar.. soon will give up work.. etc etc.
Fine fine.. whatever you say..

Now on how I think...
I'm not a stupid bimbo naive girl that do not know how to do housework ok..
i practically live on house-chores since my maid ran off like.. 6 years ago??
I do know how to mop the f*king floor.. wash clothes, clean, cook, etc etc etc..
So i'm not totally that f*king useless modern-day girl..

But as soon as I try to get some rest or lepak on weekends...
that i'm juggling in between my job and my degree... I couldn't get some farking rest at all..
I took nap... woke up.. got screwed for treating my home as hotel.
Came back from work.. came back from studies.. same routine as usual..
If I wanna go out lepak with my friends over dinner or shopping or yumcha??
I'll get yelled at by her..
For instance:
"Thought you wan to rest.. go out then very well-rest larrr!!
ask u do chores wanna die.. wat kind of girl are u??"

The worst.. my siblings argued or cry over something..
I AM THE ONE TO BLAME.. even when i'm not home that time..
'cos konon they "ikut" me, this bad example..
Come on lar...
Sister is 14.. where this age = rebellious.. trying to find her own identity n shits.. teenager crap.
Brother is 11... still a freako crybaby, running naked at home.. don't hav to do anything at home..
However, so when i'm like 14, my sister is only 4.. FOUR!!
if she got influence by me that age.. she's freaking genious d rite???
These are just walks of life.. which teenager is not like tat?
As you passed that "gap", you'll soon be alright.. learn from silly childish mistakes bahh..
*rolled eyes*

RIght.. i duno lar..
I'm just so bored of life sometimes..
Maybe you will think these kind of things are like.. sap-sap-water..
Eh hello.. try it with a loud amplifier framing u and repeating the same things everyday..

Some people will say, "hey i envy your life.. so happening.. great friends n all.."
YEA RIGHT!!! you do not know the inside story nia okayy..
Or some will say.. aiyah.. everybody got their own problem.. don't make a big deal outta it..
DUH.. if u compare this with some kids mati kebuluran in Afga or somewhere..
then i think i have to kill a chicken n pray god now..

Sometimes i'm really confused of things as such like..
Girls must do all..
Girls must learn to stuff their husband's tummy so that they don't go flirt around..
Girls must always keep the house clean..
Girls must take care of all kids..
Girls will soon quit their job because they understand the love of family..
Girls don't let any guy just simply put their hands over their shoulder or waist..

So if any guys do stupid things... the comments will be like..
Guys are like that one..
Guys can fuck around.. they're guys wat.. nothing to lose..
Guys are immature..
What you expect?? Guys wat!!
What to do.. guys will explore the genuine love by having a couple of girlfriends first..
Don't worry they know who to love at last. Fate wat...

Don't want say d lar.. SIEN.
These shits repeat everyday.
I do not want to live my life accordingly to others' lame "facts" or "tradition"..
that girls/women/females must do as what my great-grandmothers do.
Hell no.


the modern "maid"

p/s: this is what i think now.. NOW.. in future i might change my opinion bout this. Who knows? BUT THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF NOW LAR!! call me naive. i don't care.


pink_angel said...

Uhhh ohhh I agree with you!!! Hate the tradition shits and all! We must stand for our own rights!!! I support you fully!

Michelle said...

true rite??? sigh.. susah jadi perempuan....... HAhahhaa.. in a way it's true la.. lol