Monday, February 25, 2008

a dumb guy and a hot guy

This was happened quite long ago.. probably early this year??

So I was talking on the phone with this FRIEND of mine.
He's a guy. Probably some "chicken".. hahaha..
Anyway.. here goes..

moi : Ya know.. i went to this client's house in Tropicana.. It was damn huge..

he : Oh rreally? rich ass lar then..

moi : Duh.. sure lar.. what u think.. cheapo like you???? ANYway... the house had this courtyard in the middle.. mini pool.. large garden... bla bla bla bla.. (describing the house..)

he : okkk.. find a rich ass to marry lar..

moi : thanks man. well, i like the upstairs though.. they had this so-called link bridge from one room to the master bedroom..

he : huh??? wait wait.. u mean A masturbate room?

moi : (blur) yea.. master bedroom lar.. what? your house don hav master bedroom??

he : haa???? no lar.. u think i so rich ar??? have a room just to masturbate??

moi : wtf???? masturbate???

he : yala... u said masturbate rite?? so rich until got a room just for masturbate?? he's sure a wanker..

moi : f**k u lar!!! u dumbass dirty pie. it's MASTER bed ROOM.. bodoh.

he : hahahhaa... paiseh paiseh.. but y call a master bed room??

moi : ok.. the main bedroom in your house is called wat??

he : tua pang?? (hokkien = big/main room)

moi : other words???

he : chu lang pang? (hokkien = master bedroom)

moi : translate in english is master bedroom rite???

he : oh.. wakakakahahah ya ya.. (foolishly)

p/s : so this is my dumb friend. I know u read my blog, mister and ALWAYS abused comments around... so don't step up to admit it k.. nobody knows it's u.. LOL.. i had my revenge!!! *evil*

p/p/s : u don't wake me up by sms'ing me in the morning with the message "Wake UP!!" Thanks a lot man ass.


Today I went movies with HuayPin after my class this morning.
Dropped by at Jusco Bukit Raja, have a quick lunch at McD.. then hit the TGV.
We watched "JUMPER" which was nice..
With an extra point - Hayden Christensen was incredibly gorgeous. *hottilicious*
That dude as Anakin Skywalker in StarWars...
somehow he looked better in this Jumper movie.. *drools*

Here's a short trailer for you guys..

The story was not that bad.. just some missing pieces here n there..
Like.. how he became a jumper.. why.. and then what happened?
Nevertheless, the effects made it alllllll good.
Jumper kind of means like.. ermm sounds illogical but.. it's like
some fella having the ability to teleport anywhere, through anything, at anytime.
Teleport to like 30 ft waves in Fiji, the Sphinx's head.. Rome.. Empire State Building top..
Double WOW!!!
Watching him do everything anyone could ever want with this new power is what makes it entertaining.. Anticipating the next destination he will be whisked off to.
Triple WOW!!!


Then we went back to HuayPin's house to collect my dvds that I lent her during her after-operation-resting period last year..
Talk talk then we got stuck watching another few-years-back movie..
"The Perfect Stranger" by Halle B and Bruce Willis.
Not as good as I thought though the plot was surprisingly terbalik kind.. So-so-only..

Halle B's body = full n bodylicious..
Bruce Willis = wrinkly old but hot n macho..

Ok Sleep Time.
Chao. *mwah*


pink_angel said...

oooohh Hayden Christensen IS gorgeous!! Hahahaahaha...

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh yes we are in HEaVEN!

Michelle said...

pink : yeaaa.. so true. he's so hott.. sizzlinggg.. hhahhahah lol

bbo : ooo~ whose heaven u'r in?? hheheh *winks*