Sunday, February 03, 2008

last weekend to cny

Wow.. busy weekend..
Cleaning.. cooking.. driving around unwillingly.. hehehe
Especially today.. damn a lot of dust and filth..
Have to wake up early even though I slept like real late yesterday around 3-4am..
No no.. Not that hardworking last night to do my assignments...
I was hooked playing 'this' game till.. i lost track of time.. my bad my bad.. *grins*


Anyway.. I was like.. hmm.. decorating? hehehhe..
Flowers, pineapples, stickers, posters, banners, etc etc.. anything to bring in the CNY mood..
Funny thing lagi.. my brother pulak on the CNY karaoke vcd... *sweats*

Main living hall door panel..
ERmm.. i duno how to read those characters though..

2nd living room door panels.
Yea.. my house is quite old..
my grand dad built it.. he was the architect cum designer..
BACK THAT TIME LAR... -_-" hehhehe..

I tied that ribbon.. nice boh?? hehehe
Amateur hidden-skills.

Ribbons (no-idea-what-you-actually-called-it) to put above the entrance?
I like this kind.. simple and nice..
Not those really complicated with gold n silver glitter types..

* late afternoon

Was helping mom behind in the kitchen.. washing, scrubbing, mopping..
oh i hate weekends.. lagi-lagi those near celebrations.. darnnnn
Anyway, she malas nak bake any cookies or cakes this year..

exceptional for only this curry-mixed-nuts lor.. love it love it..
'cos i kinda forced her to do it.. hahahha me n my sibs lar.. nice mar.. *crunch crunch*
got walnuts, peanuts, raisins, cornflakes, curry-leaves..
can add other bits in like muruku etc..
spices like curry powder, cintan manis+putih, salt and sugar.. i think that's all kua..

EuRanSang mochi.. colourful leh.. NICE.. but Taiwan's nicer.. *hints hints*
RM 28 for 30 biji. Not bad lar.. so far i've tasted compared to other brands..
Me not really a mochi fan.

OK. Back to work.
Always last minute. SIEN.


yvonne tang said...

EuRanSang mochi.but Taiwan's nicer.. *hints hints*>>>
very funny hoh...trying to tell me isit.....over weight edy lar!!!

ai...keep some of your mum's curry-mixed-nuts,look nice and tasty..i want to try!!!


enjoy ur cny lar!!!EAT LESS OK

Michelle said...

haha how i know ur luggage overweight ar?? sure boh.. ahhahaa

ok lar.. keep for u la..
wait u come back dono still can eat boh. hahahaha