Monday, February 18, 2008

pork pork pig pig pork pork pig

Like I posted up last night..
We took our brunch at Restoran Chee Wah, Klang.
Same row as KFC next to Klang Parade at Jalan Meru.

They're very good in "hong-bah".. or "lor-bah".. known in hokkien...
in English.. i not sure how you called it.. maybe it's "stew-pork"?
The taste and all are stronger than typical bah-kut-teh..

The main course.. Stew Pig Hand w/ additional chicken legs.. hehe..
Recommended by the taukeh...
Not bad not bad, excluding I don't quite like the thick skin.. but the meat was really tender..

Typical oily rice.. and eggs.. "Loh-Neng".. my brother's favourite..
hehhehee.. taste? biasa lor.. but thick gravy.. so aroma wise.. it's good.
they have stew tofu also.. but sudah habis stock.. *grins*

Their Bah-kut-teh was so so only.. but mom requested for them to add chilli padi in..
Wow.. good good.. spicy thick herb soup.. nice man.. *drools*
Not that thick in taste... comparing to other good BKT shops around Klang.
They do hav the dried sizzling version too.. but most people rather have their stew pork.

So.. 7 of us.. the bill was only 45bucks.
Cheap and full. *blurps*

p/s: I know the pix ain't doing justice to it. Sorry. Old cam RIP d. Still thinking of which cam to get. Suggestions?


team bsg said...

those are some of our fav dishes guaranteed to bloat us up 5 hours !
looks good
must remind our Jln meru friends

Michelle said...

drink more tea to digest the "jelak" feel after eating this kinda food.. then go shopping.. u'll soon feel hungry again.. hehehehe...

yup.. remind ur frens.. this place not bad.. seriously.. =P