Sunday, February 24, 2008

busy sunday.. busy!!

Short post, less words, late d..

Went Midvalley with family today. Saw a nice dress in Edmundser's main mannequin.
Tried it on.. and checked out the price... wtf so ex for me.. lol
Dress = 299+... that belt = 250+
Geeez man.. me PK d. but the fabric was quite nice.. but i PK d.. but the colour was nice.. but i PK d.. but i really like it.. but i PK d. PK PK PK.. so saddd... *sobs*

Came back around 5.30pm plus. Watched Lydia Sum's special interview before her death.
Sighhhh.. so sad lar... sudden miss-her-lots feelings flooded all over me..
Then i went napping till like 8.30pm?? lol..
Woke up.. the went makan dinnersupper at the nearby restaurant that we always go..
food cheap. taste nice. less MSG. good service.

Five of us + Aunt Sylvia, mom's childhood friend..
We brought our own "tea".. refreshing kind.. very quench thirst kind.. hehe..
She brought a fish.. get them to cook.. Not bad lar.. Sweet & sour kind.
We ordered.. SingChow Mihun, LohMee with additional vinegar & fried pineapple rice..

We finished it all. Lol. Was really hungry.
Ate lunch like around 2.30pm at Little Vietnam, Midvalley.
I totally missed out on the pix. Paiseh.


So tired. Tomorrow class lagi. Haven done much. Unable "conclude" my design ideas yet. Shit.
Anyway I gotta head to sleep. Was on the phone with smelly Johnny...
but he HANGED up on me suddenly.. then din even sms back for explanation...
So chicken pie that asshole.
So *yawnnnnnn* night peeps.

p/s: My english sucks tonight. Lazy to put i proper phrases. Just hentam everythin that was on my mind. and I miss that dress.. Should I get it despite my PK-ness and the expensiveness?

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