Friday, February 15, 2008

choonwee's makan-makan

Choon Wee's CNY open house. Every year.
He was like the busiest man on earth today.
Apa sai also he will 'guan'.. typical him.. lol.. SHhhhh...

Anyway.. despite the varieties of food there.. all I only ate...

(above) Lala-chean..
Choon Chieh served me n HuayPin.. konon very famous from Pulau Ketam wor..
but it was not bad.. especially when served straightaway..
but but.. i din really "see" a lot of lala.. hehehhe...

(below-left) Ah-zhat.. (no idea what u called it in english).. Mixed vegetables etc etc..
Aunty said, "homemade.. sibeh ho chiak 1.."
which was true lar.. hehehee..

(below-right) Some PakCik
Fried Chicken ..
ChoonWee said.. "very nice one.. very nice one".. Ok-nia lar.. *grins*

Yummylicious. (below)
ChoonWee's "creation".
Baguette, smoked salmon, cream cheese, olive oil, dill & "leaves".. haha..
Every of his open-house, this is definitely a MUST.


(above) He ordered these cupcakes from ADreamCake online. click *here*
Nice to see hor.. So cute right??
So special.. wow wahh wee wooo...
Not nice to eat lor. Sweet like reaallllly sweet..
maybe it's me. but it's darnnn sweet for me.
*shrugs* Cuppacakes are better.

Macaroons!!! *drools*
I like the chocolat ones..
My first virgin macaron-bite!! Given to BBO.
Helped ChoonWee to order from Big Boys Oven. *here*
No regrets.

(below) Strawberry Tartlet.
Also from Big Boys Oven.
Popped one in my mouth.
Popped one word from my mouth.

Not much of a strawberry fan..
But i won't resist that one whole strawberry resting on a mini tart base.
Someone called it "nipple tart"
hhhehheeheh.. it doesn't look like one, horrr?

Aites, peeeps... shucksss... 2.48am d. good nite..!!
Tomorrow morning BahKutTeh session with LayFong n gang.
Tomorrow afternoon, Yvonne flying back from Taiwan.
Tomorrow night?? no plans YET.

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