Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"lelaki-lelaki belakang lorong"

BackStreet Boys' concert tonight!!!!
The tickets were like in my hands.....!!!!!!
Berny and Brenda going with their friends..
So I helped them to get cheaper tickets from HuayPin.

Looking at the tickets.. should I get one for myself to join in the fun???
Heart was willing.. but flesh wasn't..
Somehow not interested... not THAT interested with BackStreet "Boys" anymore..
Love their classic songs.. but somehow not that kind of band that I want to go concert for..
Even if I go, I'll probably enjoy the yelling, cheering and gila-ness among the crowd.. hehe
But got tempted so badly when so many people trying their luck to win tickets from radio,
my friends all goin gugu-gaga over it.. asking me along n stuff..
Oh darn..

But end up.. didn't lar for sure..
If not.. u think I'm so free sitting here n blogging bout this????

But it should be a good way to de-stress right??
Oh well.. Shut up. I din't go. So stop asking questions to myself.


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