Friday, July 20, 2007

change my ways will you??

Going tomorrow night.
Berny got the extra tickets.
Never been to one like this before.. hence, don't know what to expect from it yet.. hehe.
I only know that I kinda miss LeeHom's concert. (click *here*)

Go get his new album. "Change My Ways". No regrets. (click *here*)
New look. New songs. New everything yet still that same 'ol great vocals.
Impressive. *salutes* then.. *drools*... hahhha. LOL

above: Fast track. COOL. HOT!!~
I know someone's drooling right not.. and it's not me. *cheeky grins*

below: Fave song from his new album so far.
"Falling Leaves Return to Root"
Sounds corny huh? I know, but if translated into Mandarin.. it's helplessly romantic. A movie soundtrack if not mistaken for his upcoming movie, "Lust".

below below: Same song but with chinese lyrics and english translation.
A total nostalgic ballad with a wistful, haunting mood.

* * * * * * * * *

Back to reality. Enough of drooling and dreaming of impossibilities.
OooooHh.. ChoonWee uploaded the pics in his facebook d.
Here they are... only 3. Ceh.

So.. this is how a restless panda will look like *points at myself* after endless hours of assignments.. some unnecessary stress, lack of good deep beauty sleep and lotsa food therapy treatments.. *grins*

Well.. you know..

HAhahahha.. Ook ok. I can't help it okay.. He's SO hot and freaking talented.
Just listen to his ballads and allow him to just swoop you up, melt your heart and drowned you in total romantic soothing dreams that you never want to wake up.

Ok. Fine. I'm babbling. Ignore me.

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