Monday, March 05, 2007

perfect man, perfect voice, perfect everything

2.15 am
Perfect ending for chinese new year.

Went to LeeHom's concert.
A blast.. and I repeat.. a freaking super-high BLAST!!!!~


Ended the concert with this perfect love song.. "Wei Yi"
Like I titled it..
perfect man,
perfect voice,
perfect talents,
perfect looks,
perfect qualities,

perfect in absolutely everything...
he's just so freaking perfect..

I can't believe I enjoy THIS much tonight.
Screamed and screamed... till like as if I'm a pig awaits to be slaughtered.
Singing my lungs out.. and nobody will know u'r singing off-key.
I'm for sure ON for his next concert.

Again.. he's such a sweetheart... *drools*
prince charming

ps: might edit on this post sooner or not.. pics will be coming in soon.

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