Thursday, March 29, 2007

new rabbit family again

New baby rabbits are born!!!
All thanks to my horny 2 couple rabbits.
Couple 1 - One brother and one sister "play".
Couple 2 - One sister and her DAD "play".

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HahahhaAHHAhah.. animals.. horny.. needy.. HAMSAPy. LoL
*playboy logo* no wonder is rabbit.

Born on 27th
It was quite a surprise to see few pink balls lying around their cages.
Was quite a scary look at first..
I mean.. they were really naked.. all pink n all skin. Haha..
Now cuter a bit dy. Soft white hair coming out.. but eyes still closed.

Hungry dy?? Rolling around like rabbit-meat-balls. haha..

You guys wanna drink milk or sleep one?? Beh tahan.

Drinking MILKY time!!!
Poor mommy rabbit.. all nipples kena sucked to the MAX.
This is the results la.. of getting horny.

Sleep again. Fat asses. Eat then sleep.. sleep then eat again. *kaulatz*

Can't wait for them to grow big.. then got cute cute rabbits again.
Oh shit.. later they make babies again.. then I can open Rabbits' Farm.

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